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"The Virtual Trap:  Internet Addiction in Teens and Youth and Strategies for Change"--Course Summary

Module 1:
Addiction, Relationships, Mental Health, Behaviour, Learning

  1. Is tech overuse an addiction?

  2. How much time are we spending online?

  3. Admission from developers net was designed to be addictive.

  4. Effects on mental health, relationships, behaviour and learning.

  5. Interviews with experts.

  6. Strategies for change.

  1. Internet and porn.

  2. Selfies and anxiety.

  3. Gaming.

  4. Effect on the Brain.

  5. Robot software replacing people as therapists.

  6. Resources.

  7. Strategies.

  8. Interview.

Module 2 Part A:

Porn, Selfies, Gaming, Literacy, Robots

Module 2 Part B: 
Narcissism, Negative Emotions, Withdrawal, Dating, Tech Changes People


  1. Narcissism and the net--Sam Vaknin and Jean Twenge.

  2. Negative Emotions elicited by social media.

  3. Loneliness and withdrawal.

  4. Dating and the net.

  5. Technology Changes People.

  6. Strategies for Change.

  1. Evidence-based therapy for internet addiction.​

  2. 12 Step Programs.

  3. Renowned Treatment Centres.

  4. Self-help strategies.

  5. Top Websites.

  6. Further Reading.

Module 3:
Strategies for Change

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