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Emily Fountas, Ph.D. has been teaching university courses in philosophy for over 30 years. She has taught at Ryerson University, the University of Toronto, Concordia University as well as several colleges in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

She has observed first-hand the effects of the internet on students' ability to relate to others, form values,  think, analyze and create with and without an electronic interface. 


The influence of the net has been so profound in these areas, especially in the last half dozen years, that this sparked her interest in the research available so far. 


She authored this course to share  what we are learning about net overuse and misuse, especially in young people, from neuroscience, psychology and medicine as well as social surveys and discussions with her own students and to offer strategies for change.

Emily has founded Live and Learn Academy as a way of bringing online courses to the general public on important contemporary social issues through lively, engaging and interactive screencast format.


When not authoring and teaching, Emily loves hiking, forests, music, animals, ideas and directing short film. 

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